Style Invitational Week 1515: European ‘sister cities’ & ‘air quotes’


The Morón (Spain)-Misplaced (Germany) Election Denial Heart

The Chester-Brest Any-Gender Bra (England, France)

The Essen-Emmen “Grownup Job” Heart (Germany, Netherlands)

The Brighton-Erle Alarm Clock Works Ltd. (England, Germany)

Ten weeks in the past the Empress despatched the Loser Neighborhood on a seek via U.S. maps in a competition to offer two or extra the city names and a wordplay “three way partnership” (e.g., Jon Gearhart’s “Iowa-Latta-Inexperienced Scholar Mortgage Forgiveness Program, from cities in Louisiana, Oklahoma and Ohio).

This time, on the recommendation of Loser Randy Lee, we’re going to do it once more, however additional afield: Select any two or extra cities from the 51 nations in Europe/Eurasia and get a hold of a joint undertaking the “sister towns” would adopt, as within the examples above. And Randy additionally provides an overly nifty device: At, you’ll sort in any identify, and it’ll inform you the place on the planet there’s a town with that identify. (However any supply is okay so long as the city displays up on Google.) Which 51 nations precisely? Let’s use the listing for Europe at (You could use a the city any place in Russia or Turkey, although it’s within the Asian a part of that nation.) And whilst I demanded that the U.S. cities be pronounced appropriately, this time I’ll be extra lenient towards visible puns, particularly for much less well-known cities.

Yet one more factor: In Week 1505, many of us went to the city (so that you could discuss) with lengthy, unwieldy strings of towns that had been meant to sound like a long word or sentence. I’m now not forbidding you to try this for Week 1515, however except they’re really easy for me to learn (and naturally lederhosen-splittingly humorous) I’m going to prefer the shorter mixtures.

Put up as much as 25 entries at (no capitals within the Internet cope with). Closing date is Monday night time, Nov. 28; effects seem Dec. 18 in print, Dec. 15 on-line. (New access shape this week! The Empress’s existence is impossibly thrilling.)

Winner will get the Clowning Fulfillment, our Taste Invitational trophy. 2nd position receives a “bellybutton duster,” which looks as if a looped rest room brush if the bathroom had been the scale of a walnut shell. It’s now not a lot more than an inch lengthy, so that you’ll have various room for extra Invite detritus prizes someday. Donated via Loser Steve Smith,

Different runners-up win their collection of our “For Highest Effects, Pour Into Best Finish” Loser Mug or our “Entire Fools” Grossery Bag. Honorable mentions get one in all our lusted-after Loser magnets, “A Small Jester of Appreciation” or “Shut, however Ceci N’est Pas un Cigare.” First Offenders obtain just a pungent tree-shaped air “freshener” (FirStink for his or her first ink). See normal contest laws and tips at The headline “In‘SI’de Jokes” is via Kevin Dopart; Kevin additionally wrote the honorable-mentions subhead. Sign up for the full of life Taste Invitational Devotees staff on Fb at; apply Taste Invitational Ink of the Day on Fb at; apply @StyleInvite on Twitter.

The Taste Conversational: The Empress’s weekly on-line column discusses every new contest and set of effects. See this week’s, revealed overdue Thursday, Nov. 17, at

In‘SI’de jokes: Profitable ‘air quotes’ from Week 1511

Week 1511 used to be any other spherical of our “air quotes” contest to search out revealing phrases inside of different phrases. A few of the nearly 1,500 entries had been a large number of Pat“riots,” too many to credit score personally, however blessedly nearly not more T“rump” and “amusing”eral.

Fist“ICU”ffs: Why it’s now not the most productive thought to confront the fellow who took your car parking zone. (Karen Lambert, Chevy Chase, Md.)

S“ex”ting: The way you misplaced your spouse. (Al Lubran, Rockville, Md.)

and the “101 Pooping Pups” jigsaw puzzle:

Marve“lous e”vening!: [Thinks] “What a jerk!” (Ann Martin, Brentwood, Md.)

And the winner of the Clowning Fulfillment:

“RSV”P: Sure, we’d be overjoyed! And we’ll be bringing little Makayla — don’t fear, her virus is the majority higher.” (Rivka Liss-Levinson, Washington)

C‘ha’ff: Honorable mentions

Dou“bleh”eader: When sitting via one recreation isn’t uninteresting sufficient. (Ellen Raphaeli, Falls Church, Va.)

“Bro”ccoli: A nutritious cruciferous vegetable that’s been beer-battered, deep-fried and served with queso dip. (Jeff Contompasis, Ashburn, Va.)

D“erring”-do: What follows “dangle my beer.” (Chris Doyle, Denton, Tex.)

“Demo”cracy: We’ve got the beta model. Thank you for locating the issues. (Howard Ausden, Damascus, Md.)

Col”ono”scopy: It can’t were 10 years already — wait, vacations don’t depend towards that, proper? (Dottie Grey, Alexandria, Va.)

Fir“ST D”ate: I’ll have in mind this night time endlessly. (Jonathan Jensen, Baltimore)

“Finish”orsement: A large announcement about breaking ties. “Whoa, that’s any other large ‘finish’orsement Ye simply picked up.” (Susan Geariety, Menifee, Calif.)

B“ye”-B“ye”: Now not looking ahead to any other shoe to drop. — Adidas Staff (Kevin Dopart, Washington)

Dis“app”ointment: While you swipe proper they usually swipe left. (Chris Damm, Charles The city, W.Va.)

Missis“sip”pi River: After month after month of drought, what’s left after the Mighty has fallen. (Steve Smith, Potomac, Md.)

Pre“ten”ding: Photoshopping your relationship profile photograph. (Pete Morelewicz, Fredericksburg, Va.)

S“edit”ion: [Capitol tourists] having [legitimate political discourse]. (Kevin Dopart; Mark Raffman, Reston, Va.)

Ae“rofl”ot: The sector’s best possible airline, as voted yearly via the Russian Ministry of Shipping. (Chris Doyle)

“Hood”wink: “Neatly, sir, looks as if your whole engine wishes changing.” (Karen Lambert)

“LAPD”ogs: Los Angeles’ experimental Shih Tzu Okay-9 corps used to be briefly disbanded. (Chris Doyle)

“Lead”ership: Company control that doesn’t like to switch route, although it way sinking to the ground of the ocean. (David Kleinbard, Mamaroneck, N.Y.)

“Q”uestions: A option to unfold ludicrous disinformation within the guise of inquiry. “How do we all know AOC isn’t Vladimir Putin in hide? Hiya, I’m simply asking ‘q’uestions right here.” (Duncan Stevens, Vienna, Va.)

“Fart”her: The right kind distance from me after a Tex-Mex meal. (Gary Crockett, Chevy Chase, Md.)

G”over”nor: What you get with Virginia’s one-term prohibit. (Terri Berg Smith, Rockville, Md.)

H“OT C”hocolate: This temper stabilizer doesn’t require a prescription, (Judy Freed, Deerfield Seashore, Fla.)

In“flu”encer: An anti-vaxxer who makes you move viral. (Ben Aronin, Washington)

I“dent”ifier: That bumper ding that is helping you inform your silver Camry from the opposite 3 to your car parking zone row. (Scott Richards, Hollywood, Md.)

In“inform”ectual: No, you hadn’t discussed that you just’re a Mensa member — nowadays. (Frank Osen, Pasadena, Calif.)

Met“averse”: Give up much more knowledge to Mark Zuckerberg? Rely me out. (Tom Witte, Bernard Law Montgomery Village, Md.)

Mort“gag”e: “The rate of interest went as much as WHAT?” (Karen Lambert)

Mys“elf”: The only individual I will depend directly to get me the very best Christmas reward. (Steve Smith)

Va“cat”ion: Consume, play, sleep, repeat. (John Klayman, Fairfax, Va.)

“E-ducat”ed: Neatly versed in cryptocurrency issues. (Byron Miller, Cobble Hill, B.C.)

“Ma”rtyrdom: “You by no means name.” “The place have I failed?” “What did I do to deserve this?” (Tom Witte)

Academy A”struggle”ds: Co-hosted via Will Smith and Chris Rock. (Mark Raffman)

An“glop”hile: Anyone who loves British dishes like toad within the hollow and noticed dick. (Roy Ashley, Washington)

Ron DeS“anti”s: Governor with company stands on racial development, science-based coverage, and Mickey Mouse. (Mark Raffman)

B“ID”et: The following era after facial popularity. (Steve 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley, Bethesda)

B“oz.”o: A New Jersey clown who thinks Pennsylvania is where to buy crudites. (Kevin Dopart; Chris Doyle)

Bo“redo”m: “I’m unwell of beige. honey — let’s paint the lounge chartreuse!” (Sarah Walsh, Rockville, Md.)

E“arf”ul: What the canine offers you when FedEx involves the door. (Byron Miller)

F“IRS”tborn: Congratulations, you’ve were given a bouncing child deduction! (Pam Shermeyer, Lathrup Village, Mich.)

Hal“low”een: The Bit O’ Honey and sweet corn left within the backside of the sack. (Joanne Unfastened, Clifton, Va.)

To“xi”c: Dangerous for China, and the arena. (Frank Mann)

F“application”: The workout of seeking to get a useful Verizon individual at the line. (Judy Freed)

S“poo”f: Slipping a Child Ruth bar into the community pool. (Chris Doyle)

Save A“me”rica: The primary beneficiary of the Trump PAC. (Neil Kurland, Elkridge, Md.)

In“stall”er: Now as much as excuse No. 7 for why my kitchen renovation’s now not finished. (Michael Stein, Arlington, Va.)

And Closing: C“low”ning Fulfillment: The highest prize from the ground of all literary awards. (Drew Bennett, Rogers, Ark.)

Nonetheless operating — time limit Monday night time, Nov. 21: Our perennial “Ask Backwards” contest. See

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