Previously safe governor’s races that could flip, meltdown ensues at Twitter over Musk and more top headlines

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BUCKLE UP – Previously safe governor’s races could flip after wild campaign season.

FUNDAMENTALLY CRUEL – Mega meltdown ensues as Elon Musk carries sink into Twitter ahead of takeover.

HOSTILE CLIMATE – Liberal media outlets blame ISIS, ADHD and ‘hate speech’ on rising temps.

BANNED! – Halloween costumes American schools won’t allow and retailers refuse to sell.

RISKY DEVELOPMENT – Affirmative action and the Supreme Court — discrimination of any kind is morally wrong. 


IS FETTERMAN FIT? – Pennsylvania voters concerned about Dem candidate’s health and his fitness to serve. ‘POLITICAL INFECTION’ – Hunter, James Biden on the witness list if Republicans take control of the Senate. ‘COULD LEARN A THING OR TWO’ – Former Biden aide takes shot at Katie Hobbs for refusing to debate GOP opponent Kari Lake.

HIGHLY POLARIZED – Trump’s Iowa popularity dips but still tops Biden in new poll.



‘A DISASTER’ – Conservative Twitter erupts over Kathy Hochul answers on New York crime, vaccines in debate.

‘UNSETTLING CHANGES’ – CNN boss Chris Licht says people, projects and budgets will be affected by the end of the year.

‘OBVIOUS’ BULLYING – MSNBC, ABC figures say Mehmet Oz’s debate with John Fetterman was hard to watch. ‘STOLEN’ BY THE GOP – Julian Castro worries ‘narrative’ that Latino vote is turning Republican will become ‘self-fulfilling prophecy.’



JESSE WATTERS – Fetterman knocked himself out when he opened his mouth during debate with Oz.

TUCKER CARLSON – Fetterman’s candidacy tells us something dark about the Democratic Party

SEAN HANNITY – They don’t care that Fetterman has disqualifying physical limitations.

LAURA INGRAHAM – This is how important Hispanic-Americans are in our life and our politics.



LACKING LAW ENFORCEMENT – These police departments are seeing some of the worst staffing shortages in the US ahead of 2023.

BRACING FOR RECESSION – US economy likely grew in the third quarter, but it could be downhill from here.

‘FORE’ PLAY – Pro golfer Tom Watson’s wife announces she’s ending short three-month marriage. LEGAL DRAMA – Harvey Weinstein, Danny Masterson and Paul Haggis in court over sexual assault allegations.  





“Many Democrats around the country, they’re mad. They’re complaining that Fetterman even dared to show up to the debate at all. They should have kept it hidden.”


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