Dodi Al Fayed was ‘convinced’ Princess Diana ‘was the woman for him’

Dodi Al Fayed used to be madly in love with Diana, hours sooner than their demise.

In 2008, Dodi’s father, Mohamed Al Fayed published that the couple used to be about to get engaged all over the overall days in their lives. The duo died in a 1997 automobile twist of fate in Paris.

Talking thru his secretary, Michael Cole, Mohamed admitted that his son had purchased a hoop for the Princess of Wales previous that day, that means of which “we will more than likely by no means know”.

Dodi had given his father“the most powerful indication that he used to be going to marry Diana”,

Mr Cole stated: “Dodi stated, ‘There’ll by no means be every other lady for me, Michael, by no means ever.’

“He used to be a person in love and there used to be without a doubt about it in my thoughts,” the spokesperson established.

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