Babar rates his skills out of 100

14 / 100

Pakistan captain Babar Azam assessed his cricketing skills hours before the high-powerT20 World Cup match against archrival India.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) posted a Reel on Instagram asking Babar to rate himself out of 100, similar to how football players are rated in the FIFA video game for consoles and personal computers.

The 28-year-old rated his strength, stroke variety, spin game, pace game, and

Babar rated his power at 70/100, his stroke range at 80/100, and his spin game at 75/100.

When asked about his pace, Babar responded, “I love the pace,” and scored 90 out of 100. Last but not least, he awarded himself a score of 60 for fielding.

The first T20 match between Pakistan and India will take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MGC) at 1 pm.

Fans and spectators were concerned about the rain forecast for today’s match; however, the sky in Melbourne has cleared, and fans can anticipate a 40-over contest between the rival cricket teams.

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