Ahmad Ali Butt details experience of Azaan’s birth

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Ahmad Ali Butt and his wife Fatima Khan left no leave unturned while preparing for the birth of their son Azaan Ali Butt, and the experience changed them both in a good way. From breathing classes for his wife to being present in the room for the delivery, the comedian-actor shared the journey of navigating through Azaan’s birth and how he witnessed his wife having a breakdown due to the changes in her body—and it is one beautiful funny anecdote.

The adorable family of three recently appeared on Nida Yasir’s morning show on Friday and while discussing their family, the host questioned if they would like to grow their family. While Azaan made everyone cackle at him wanting another sibling, Ahmad shared that they’d always wanted a small family. “We were always inclined towards the idea of a small family. Because I also grew up in a family of four brothers and I know how, for parents, it’s like a world war scene to take care of four kids,” he said.

Coming to how good of a husband Ahmad is, the Jawani Phir Nahi Ani actor revealed how he assisted Fatima throughout her pregnancy. “I helped a lot. I’m a hardworking husband. Because we were in London, where Azaan was born, I didn’t even know I had to do a course,” he added and Fatima elaborated that in the west, medical professionals appreciate training not only women but also men about the birthing experience.

The training consisted of a series of classes that the duo attended together. They were taught breathing exercises with an emphasis on the role of a husband. Fatima added that the west values equality and “they degrade husbands” for not knowing the majority of things and how midwives are strict with men for not knowing enough.

He was a completely different man after the birth of our son. But before that, we had an eventful experience because, in Pakistan, men have not experienced anything. I had a normal delivery, and there in the west the husband has to be there to support me. So when the process began, one person in the room tilts sideways and faints on the floor,” Fatima said with Ahmad laughingly saying this is why they shouldn’t have another child.

Jokes apart, the experience made Ahmad realise how painful the process is for a woman. “I have discovered one thing that indeed Allah has made birth a beautiful thing but for a woman, it completely breaks her down. I have seen my wife break down and then rebuild. I would say it was a life-changing experience and when Allah blesses you with a child, He also gives you the ability to be conscious of the responsibilities. She was in labour for two days and it was an experience for me because in my family I had only seen them go and come back with a baby, ever so casually.”

Ahmad and Fatima welcomed their son in 2014, a year after the couple tied the knot. He is best known as a comedian while some may know him as the famous hip-hop rapper of former band Entity Paradigm alongside Zulfiqar J. Khan and Fawad Khan.

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